We Protect Your Website From ADA Lawsuit

We help clients whose websites are not ADA compliant. If your website is not ADA compliant you could be the target from some greedy attorney trying to make a fast buck (actually big bucks like 50K). This is no joke! Not knowing about the law is no defense. It's a law and if you aren't compliant you could be sued.

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Not being ADA Compliant is no EXCUSE. It's a law!

You can do nothing and be subject to a lawsuit. Or you can let us make your site compliant and STOP the lawyers from making you the victim. Ignorance is no excuse so if you aren't compliant you can't win if sued. If you have an extra 50K to burn you don't need US!

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So it's super easy, fast and free to check to see if we can be of help. Simply send us an email with your name and URL and we will produce a free report for you. This report can cost as much as $2500 with some companies but we provide it for FREE!

Repellant for Greedy Lawyers!

Lawsuits for non ADA compliant sites are increasing exponentially. Don't get caught by being non-compliant. Some think it is a joke but when the grim reapere (lawyer) sues you it won't be a joke. Take action today by contacting US!


Meet the Team

I have been helping small business owners for the last 23 years. We provide a number of services but this is our most rewarding personally and for the client.


Lisa is a highly skilled and trained VA along with being a programmer.

Virtual Assistant

Group of four individuals who have worked on the team since 2008.

CS and developer TEAM

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